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Suggestions On How To Be A Hobo In France - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:49

Suggestions on how to be a hobo in France Answer below:

Dear Andy,

I'm a college student with very little money looking to travel in
europe this summer. Luckily I'll spend the majority of my time in Eastern
Europe (Bosnia and Hungary) which isn't too expensive and I'm staying
with friends. (free room!)
I would however like to spend time in Paris but am concerned about
being able to afford it. Any suggestions on how to be a hobo in France?
Dirt cheap lodging, inexpensive food?
Thanks for your time and advice, you're living the dream!!


Name: Daniel....
Country: USA
Answer: I think the same strategy as Bosnia and such, to live in a home is cheapest. The faster you travel the more expensive. Now, I have heard, Francs is a great place to be in a Hostel. I hear many beautiful girls go there to find romance. I know two possible ways to travel in Europe cheap, besides sleeping on the train all the time... One is to rent a room for a month Two is to buy a van and sleep in it Airplanes are now cheaper than trains, the bus is very cheap, and a lot cheaper than the train. Get on the internet, study your French, something like Cherche por Chambre etc, and find out how to search in French for rooms. There are tons of immigrants in Paris, there is this American Church that helps people to find rooms. I cannot remember, when I was there, maybe I wrote about it... on this site. Moving cost money, go slow, fast is expensive. Careful, going to one of the worlds most expensive cities can leave a bad taste in your mouth if you do not like to throw money up in the air. Good country to save for when your are rich, plus French girls have bigger than normal noses and they get old looking fast. Suggestions on how to be a hobo in France

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