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Storing Handy Bookmarks - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:49

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At 03:33 1/20/2007 -0800, you wrote:
>In the end, the reason why I like the xe.com site is because I can
remember how to spell easy.

Andy, I use a lot of cyber cafes when traveling too. I find a useful
method of storing sites I need to access regularly is to set up a free
website for one my free Yahoo addresses, then posting a webpage of
Favorites I want listed on the page. Be sure to name the page index.html
and it will pop right up when you enter the address. Then I just go it
that webpage and click on the link I want without having to remember it
or carry a memory stick. You can update the webpage online or you can
update the copy on your computer and replace the online page easily.

For instance, just a few seconds ago I created a webpage for one of my
addresses,( .... @....) I just exported a folder from my laptop
favorites that pertained to the UAE, a place I go frequently. Next I
renamed it index.htm so it would be the home page of the new website. Next
I signed up for a website with Yahoo's webpage service,
www.geocities.com. Using Geocities online tool, FileManager, I uploaded the renamed
exported bookmarks file. Now you'll see it if you go to
www.geocities.com/(...)... The whole process took 3 minutes.

Whether you create one for the market you are trying to serve or for
yourself, it is a very handy technique. Like any webpage, you can also
add, headers, tools, etc. Just be sure to log into your yahoo account
at least once every 90 days to keep it from being deleted.


Hello Steve,

A free system to use, and something a person can do inside an internet cafe. I used to use geocities.com for many webpages, storage, etc, I also used virtualave.com.

Then virtualave.com decide everyone needed to pay, no more free site.

HoboTraveler.com was on this free site many years ago when I was broke. Geocities.com and Virtualave.com both helped to start my web sites, formulate ideas, and create an audience.

Then over time, they geocities decided I needed to log into the account to keep it active, and caused me to loose information.

Yes, geocities.com is a reputable service andhas continued to give free sites while most have started to charge money.

I also have a cp or control panel page of quick links.
It is password protected and I update by way of FTP program, WS FTP a free program that will work on a flash drive, and IF you want, will store all the configurations.

I update all the links offline, then update inside the internet cafe.

As an additional convenience, I add the html code to each link.

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