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Steam Tractor In Ghana - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:49

Hello Tom, Unfortunetly I am in Guatemala, however may go to Ghana again this year. The Tractor was locatd in Accra in what I think was a government tourist building, it was just walking distance from the Hotel Center of City. I did not see many tractors like this, and I great up on tractors, most tractors were Russian or Chinese, I think. Normally any metal is used as scrap for other uses, I truly think though you may find more tractors in Burkina Faso as the land is better suited for farming. When I return to Africa, I will take photos of any steam tractors I find, I normally take any type of livelyhood photos. Andy in Guatemala
Hi was looking through your website and found the article Ghana Farm
Tractor Accra, Ghana West Africa Friday, August 17, 2007. There is a
picture of a tractor that is in very bad condition. I belive this to be a
steam powered tractor. I am a keen steam enthausist and would like to
find out more about it. Where abouts in Ghana was the tractor in the
picture? and what were the other two tractors like that you saw from Lome
to Accra, were they as old as the one in the picture?

Many Thanks,
Steam Tractor in Ghana

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