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Solar For Backpackers - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hello Chris, Solar for Backpacker I know it sound great to have 40-60 Watts of Electricity or enough electricty to power a TV, and many items. However, not need, all I need is the solar power to charge a small lead motorcycle battery that could supply my computer electricity for 2-4 hours. I am guess, I think it will take less than four hours per day, as in reality, I can connect to the 220 and charge easier, I almost always can find 220 on the grid. The reality is here in Togo: Lights
- A candle or kerosene lantern is cheap, easy and convenient, I can carry anywhere and do not need special anythings. FAN
- I can always go outside and sleep, it is just luxury to have a 12 Volt Van CELL PHONE
- I have two batteries, I think I can buy about 10 and carry easily, the bigger problem is charging them, I must charge in the phone, this is very inconvenient. COMPUTER
- This needs a 12 Volt Battery and the adapter. This is my only question mark. How much electricity 12 Volt Battery power do I need to run a backpack for 4 hours per day? How many of these small motorcycle batteries is necessary. I have about 10 hours of hot sun here, and almost always every day, do not listen to this monsoon crap, rainy season is not rainy, it rains at night, and one hour per day, I have been very few places where it rains a lot all day and that was in London or clouds. TV
- I do not have and even if I did, it would be in French, unless I want to also carry a satellite dish COOKING
- The alcohol Tangia cookers is perfect, or I can just go and borrow a stove, charcoal, cooking is easy, the morning cup of coffee quick is why I want to cook, I may like to use a 12 volt coffee makers to cook water, and if a big problem, I drink cold coffee. WATER PURIFICATION
- I would use a camp fire to boil water or burn anything SATELLITE UPLINK
- I have never seen anyone use solar for a satellite uplink, I have seen weather stations with nice solar operations.
- When I buy a satellite connection, I may need more solar energy, but so far, they are sort of a joke and expensive. I think the GPRS is going to become the standard, then after there is GPRS internet everywhere, the satellite business will start to fail, and they will lower their prices and compete, this is about five years away I think. WEIGHT
- Most travelers could carry the solar panel, but they would not carry the heavy equipment that would need all the electricity. The earth has electricity, almost everywhere, and when the do not, they have a generator. CARS
If I had a car, I still would not need big solar energy, I would just use the alternator of the car to charge my 12Volt Systems. I truly think going 12 Volts is a possible solution. Andy in Togo Africa May 2007 Thank you,
Andy HoboTraveler.com
https://www.hobotraveler.com/blogger.html 2007-05-04

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