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Solar Butterfly Cooker - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hello Chris,

This is great, I met a man in Guatemala that was making them for 125 dollars for people in Guatemala. To think you can just buy from a company.

I am in Nepal, I wonder if I could take this photo and run around asking, maybe someone sells them here in Kathmandu. 55 Pounds though is heavy, that is about, say 20 kilos, the shipping from here to the USA is about 10-12 dollars per kilo. Not sure how this person got back from Tibet, I think maybe the design, interesting.

My idea is this product probably sells for 15-20 US max in Tibet, I am wondering how to buy for 15..?

This is really a regret, I should have slowed down myself, and everyone on the groups. I allowed to have my feelings minimized about the solar cooker in Tibet. I took a photo, I should have sat around and asked questions, probed, and learned how the made this or where they purchased.

IF I remember correctly, the trip through Tibet cost me 160 US Dollars, wish in a way I as going that way, I could just find it again. Athough, that was a tour, and for sure coming to Tibet is better from the China side, then I could go slow.

I have GPRS connnection with my cell phone. I was able to find the photo pages on my site of the photo.

I will one day travel from the China side to the Tibet side, and suss this out.

Thanks for making me remember the past..

Andy in Kathmandu, Nepal January 2007


Hi Andy,

Look what I found ...$99! Made of cast iron, weighs 55 lbs, reaches temps of 1450 degrees F and melts holes in aluminum pots.

Just like yours in Tibet, huh? Can't believe I found one and they'll deliver it to my door. WOW.

- Chris

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