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Sofia Bulgaria To Lima Peru Adventure - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Sofia Bulgaria to Lima Peru Adventure Question: Answer is below Name: Marin Petrov
Country: Bulgaria Message:
Hey Andy!
I-ve been reading your site for quite awhile now. I think it-s amazingly helpfull!! Thanks. I would be very very very happy if you can help me with something.
I-m from Sofia- Bulgaria and my dream is to go to Lima, Peru with my girfriend... whose dream by chance is the same :) I-m trying to find cheap flights to there and following your tips I think If I go Sofia- Frankfurt - Lima It would be the best price for us. The thing is... I can-t get below 1000$ for that :( And I really don-t know how to find good or ANY air consolidators here in Sofia - Bulgaria...
So If you have few minutes to write me some tips about this trip I would be more than happy!!!
And If you want to come here in Bulgaria - by all means write me an e-mail!! You can stay at home and I can show you the real Bulgaria wich 99% of the people in the world don-t know about! :)
Kind Regards!
ANSWER: 1000 one way or 1000 round trip? I think this is great price for a round-trip price for one person. You have to think of all possible good paths for an airplane from Europe to Lima, Peru or South America. Sofia to the city to leave Europe, search for a LCC with this page, this is to get you to the airport to leave Europe.
I would guess, 50 - 120 US dollars. I do not know Sofia. THEN Frankfurt is normally the best exit gate from Europe, but not always, and who knows for sure, There could be many paths and you have a few major exit points in Europe.

Probably the best gates. London
Berlin They are all going to probably go toward these bounce cities, or transit cities. Miami, Florida (Careful the USA may want you to have a visa to transit!)
Mexico, City
Cancun, Mexico
Caracas, Venezuela TRANSFER and go to one of these cities, 1. Quito, Ecuador
2. Lima. Peru
3. Santiago, Chile All three of them are more or less fun trips up and down on the West Side of the Andes mountains, and you can travel around if you are on a longer trip say three months.

I would use this site to search for the best prices. Mcflight.de it is in German, this is the direct link to English.

Do NOT click on only available fares, the goal here is to find a the target or goal PRICE to reach for, and the AIRLINE, Then you need to go to the airlines website direct, you can find by searching in Google.com. I think McFlight.de is becoming a good possibilty of a purchase, but I have not purchased on the site yet.

From Frankfurt to Lima on Mcflight.de Air Comet Sa Frankfurt to Lima 435 EUR and157.00 EUR Tax

Searched and found: http://www.airpluscomet.com/ Now there are many paths to Europe from Sofia, Bulgaria to Lima, Peru. This page has all most of my airplane tips:
https://www.hobotraveler.com/aroundtheworldairfare.shtml Here is the link direct to other ideas, this is where this comment will be posted and others.

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