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Savior Syndrome Of Africa - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hello Eric, I hope to think originally or bore my Mother and Father to death, I think they say, I do not understand him, but I agree. I take this as a great compliment, maybe my goal is closer.
You said, "You've had ample quiet
time to reflect and think, and it shows." I think of all the Preachers, Priests, Mullahs, Sadhus, Hindus, and Buddhist etcwho seem busy, hard to think when busy, hard to hear.

Thanks for the compliment, I paid dearly to buy the time.




Re: Savior Syndrome of Africa (blog post)

You got me thinking outside the box. Speculating for fun… The Garden of Eden as mentioned in the bible (Genesis) speaks of three
physical regions. Namely Havilah, Kush, and Ashur. These areas in modern
times are northwest Yemen, the Egypt and Sudan border near the Nile River
and Iraq near the former Fertile Crescent. Plotting these three areas form a neat triangle mostly around and centered
in Saudi Arabia. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you mention
Saudi Arabia? Oil. Geologists for the most part will say crude oil is a
product of compression and heating of ancient organic materials over time. What is Eden? Among other things, LOTS and LOTS of ancient organic
materials, right? IF, this was the Eden of old, it is now mostly desert (I
think), and it must have existed longer ago than the scribes persuade us to
believe. Not that it matters. Anyway… The best part is, it sounds like you have possibly located a new Eden in
West Africa! And to me, “developed” may not be a desirable aspiration for a
people if they can have a life of leisure AND abundance. The earth’s
carrying capacity could not withstand the entire planet living an American
lifestyle (current) anyhow without either a miracle technological
breakthrough or a radical population adjustment. Related link with good intellectual content: http://anthropik.com/thirty At any rate I much enjoyed your post, and your take on your current
situation. It really gives me a feel for how it is there in Togo.
Particularly entertaining was how you wrapped up the post. “I am in the Garden of Eden, and that girl Eve is everywhere, and she has
sisters.” – Andy For whatever reason, I got a good chuckle out of that. Unlike most travel
blogs that just seem mundane to me, yours is alive! You've had ample quiet
time to reflect and think, and it shows. Positively envious. Eric

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