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Rtw Tickets - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hello Zac
Name: Zac
Country: USA
Hey Andy, good stuff here. I am on a RTW adventure. My questions are: 1. the cheapest flight from Tokyo to Beijing in June is 450 us, on China Eastern. Do you know of anything better? I mean, I have a flight Sydney Osaka for like 4350 US.
2. I am then traveling Beijing to Bangkok.($262us)
a. do you suggest I buy my tickets (katmandu, Mumbai-Nairobi-Cairo) in
Bangkok from your pal Jereon, or buy cheap tickets as I find them over the internet?
3. It seems better to fly BKK to PNH Pnh to Siem Reap r/t Pnh to BKK
as far as find good prices via internet, is this what you would suggest. Flights to Siem Reap are like $21 us, is this real?
I hope this was a typing error - 4350 US
A a guide a ticket to about anywhere from anywhere should almost never cost more than 700 US dollars. I can travel from the USA to anywhere on the planet normally for less than 700 and I will go for the 500 dollar number for a One-way ticket.
I do not buy tickets until about five day or 10 days before I leave and do not buy from USA normal travel agents, I buy from air consolidators.
Go to this page for more information.
LCC - List of Low Cost Carriers - Study and learn, there is no quick answer to cheap tickets, it take a lot of learning and more than most US readers are willing to do.
There are too many questions and really you need to slow down. If you are going around the world, the only thing important is the first jump or flight. After that, you need to do the research from the new position. I do NOT recommend buying round the world airplane tickets, the cost too much and remove the basic idea of travel, freedom to go where you like.
Planning is not as needed and more or less something travel agents encourage to sell you a ticket, all travel agents want you to buy groups of tickets, and plan long-term. I am saying, plan only the next ten days and go slow, the USA has the most expensive bad advice from Travel Agents on the planet, Europe is annoyingly bad on travel agents, worst than the USA. If you want to plan, go to Thailand and talk with Joren, then to NOT buy all the tickets he recommends. LCC carriers are the secret to cheap, and the agent have trouble. I have paid money to Jeroen purchased tickets that were higher as the payment for good advice.
I am not sure, you make me nervous, I am not sure you are going slow enough and would listen to good advice.
Andy in Kpalima, Togo West Africa

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