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Quito Ecuador To Iquitos Peru By Rio Napo - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Quito Ecuador to Iquitos Peru by Rio Napo A Trip from Quito Ecuador to Iquitos Peru down the Rio Napo https://www.hobotraveler.com/053napomap.php
Name: Annie
Country: England Elo,
Please write back if you can.Been reading with interest your quito to Iquitos tour. Really wana do it as hate the usual tourist tracks out south to Peru. Problem: am a solo female with limited Spanish ability. I am learning in qito at the moment, but most spanish sounds like blur-blur-blur-entonces-blur to me. Do you have any tips not included on the site already (e.g. for safety or meeting people?)
Eek! its scary, but I-ll be damned if I can find any sod that will go with me! Many thanks,
Annie Answer:
Here is my map, just in case you did not find it.
https://www.hobotraveler.com/053napomap.php Hello Annie, I remember saying to people, I am going to go down the Rio Napo, I had about 6 people who wanted to go with me, but then again I was somewhat leading, so I was the Sod that did go. I sort of like that word, us men, I think Sod is men, us men can be real sods. This trip is nice, however I think best with at least one man and maybe two. It is not so difficult the trip, but you cannot force the trip to happen. You may sit at one stop a couple of days. I am not sure how much time you have, but to find people. 1. Go to the old town and post a sign and email and the date you want to leave. 2. Go to the South American Explorers Club in Quito and post a sign. 3. Go to the Lonely Planet Thorntree and post my link and say you are trying to find a person on a certain date.
http://thorntree.lonelyplanet.com/ 4. You can go to Coca and wait for someone to show up, when I was on the river, I met five others already in progress. They all started in Coca, I believe or on my map the same. The trip is good, not many problems, remember you need to leave Iquitos, not easy by land, another boat. YOU need a hammock for the boat. Write again if you wish, specific questions. Andy in Lome, Togo West Africa May of 2007 Quito Ecuador to Iquitos Peru by Rio Napo

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