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Problem Rssfwd Com - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Problem Rssfwd.com

Hello, Trying to warn about possibly being perceived as a spammer. I am trying to confirm, however, I believe it is possible you could easily annoy some readers who use:
http://www.rssfwd.com to read your RSS feeds or Atoms. One time you updated and I received some 88 email or something like that, I think every post on your site, this was shortly after you went to the USA. Now, the other day, I received a post that on May 30about eating out in Thailand. I think you did an update of the page and it resent. I just want you to know this because I am positive I would get hate mail if many of my readers signed up with the RssFwd.com system and was not aware how they signed up to an RSS or ATOM. IF they think it is just email, and do not understand the RSS feed concept, they would think you are spamming their email box. I have subscribed to my own blog, I updated a page today, IF and WHEN Rssfwd.com sends me an update, I will see the differences, I think this is just when blogger.com sends. Getting called a spammer is the kiss of death in a way. Problem Rssfwd.com

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