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Post Blog Before You Read Email Togo - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Post Blog before you Read Email Togo There aremanyways to blogwhile traveling, all are concerned with internet connections. 1. Live bloggers, they enter into an internet cafe and post what they are thinking about from memory. 2. Ready to publish, they connect and publish from a PDA, Computer. 3. Written while connected, this means they have a connection in their room, or somehow are connected. I am presently in Togo, I am working on a Cellular Network Internet Access connection, I can type and be connected, this is ideal if you wish to put links on your page or confirm a link is good. However, I have learned, I edit and write what I am thinking about, be warned, reading email before you post a blog my totally edit and change the feelings and flavor of your blog. Try to write and publish your blog before you read your email, thereby giving a good blog post without the good or bad news of email interjected into the blog, more about what has happened the last few days, and not what happened in the last few minutes.Post Blog before you Read Email Togo

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