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Position Of Labels In Page To Craig - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48


Is it best to have keywords (tags) at the top of a post, included in the first 25 words, or at the end?

Example of tags before:

//craig in hanoi
Oct 19 | 16:30


Hello First 25 words of content at top of source, labels at bottom is optimal. If you wanted to hide the label with Java, this would be the way to have a side set of labels.. I think this guy is stuck in the old world of Frames...

Not real clear on the question, a label or tag forms a way for the bot to leave the page, at the end of the page. Code is code not read by bog, ? and % signs, stop bots. But the top 25 words should be as close to the top of the page in the source as possible. This page is junk as far as Organic Google Search The labels in the left side, tags, etc, are above the content words of the page. Labels need to be at bottom to work, however, as normal pages are being made by blogger systems, and not as normal pages. The URL of this page sucks, nothing defines this page correctly, it was done by a too clever, and stupid PHP person. The layered cake is the easy, same as Yahoo or, they do not put First layer 25 words h1, Bold Content Closing bold an all the same Labels or Tag to weave together, when the bot gets to the end of the page it wants to travel by static links to the next. Every ? mark in the code stops him or her bot these urs just plane are trash. Really this is the worst page as an example you can find. If you want to look at pages as examples, got to SEO blogger, then hope they made good example, at least you will start up higher on the food chain. Andy In Bangkok, October 2007