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Pico Hydro Electric - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hello Chris, They are very vague and do not explain where, and I have not seen a diagramor closeups yet, I think this is just the simplest of generators. Yes, it is great they have this, and Asia is better than South, Central and Africa on being creative, I wish they was more specific, I have only found the words Hanoi as a location to buy. I need some pictures, I think this is not a complicated thing, it just needs a generator. I am not sure I understand how they find this big drop and not cost a fortune in pipe, I was looking a photo, and I got it big. I think this is just a small spin wheel in a round wagon wheel base, and then a direct drive shaft to a generator. I have been trying to learn how many RPM an alternator has to spin to make a good steady 12 Volts, on a good note, I now realize I can find any 220 motor and I should be able to reverse and make 220. I just realized there is a heavy little 220 motor sold new for 8 US Dollars here in Togo, I have been thinking about buying it. I have not purchased because I did not like the fan, made out of metal and will bend easy. It is just a motor and a fan, nothing else, well it has a small screw stand. However, it got better looking when that one page showed how to make a fan out of a blast jug. I am wondering, does a 300 Watt motor, make a 300 Watt generator in reverse. 300 Watts I would think is small for a fan.My room fan says, 220 Volts, 50 MH and 50W, I guess then mean Watts, still seems wrong, hard to believe a lightbulb can take more energy than a fan, made in China. This fan I found is like a tank, it looks like a smaller than normal, maybe 4 inche diameter alternator motor, nothing fancy, but heavy. Thank you,
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