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Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

YOU WROTE - Note: (...) Three dashes means I edited the text

Name: Debbie
Country: USA

Hi Andy,

I-ve been reading your newsletter ever since (...) mentioned
meeting you in his newsletter. He posted a picture of you and said that you
are rarely photographed. I was wondering if there is a reason that you
aren-t in any of your photos. Just curious.

Do you think that you-ll ever settle down in one place or even return
to living in the USA?

Hopefully, you can send out your newsletters more often. If I don-t
receive them frequently, I find myself worrying that you-re okay and
then I check your daily blog. Funny isn-t it, that I worry about
someone that I-ve never met.

Stay safe and enjoy your life!



Hello Debbie,

I am trying to write more, travel seems to get in the way sometimes.
However, I will soon do better, I am sure, many small changes to make better.
Thanks for worry, you can always check the blog and see what is happening on a daily basis.

Photos of me, well, many reasons. Biggest reason is I do not like to have people I do not know walk up to me and ask many questions. I have no problems with meeting person that have written many times.

Travel is fun, anonymous, and interesting, when someone thinks I am famous, then it become a problem. Plus, I do get some hate mail, and many times I say honest and clear statements about hotels and countries. If they could just go look for me, they would. Therefore safer to not put my photo on the page.

It is probably more than that, however, it just makes me feel weak to have people look at me, I do not enjoy the feeling of either promoting myself or making me the center of interest, although for sure my site would be more popular if I was in the photos.

I had a real estate company in my city whereby a photo was on the sign, having people walk up and shake my hand, and not tell me or give me a clue I had never met them in my life was annoying.

However, I do like it when women send me their photo.

Andy in Kathmandu, Nepal January 2007

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