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Phone Calls From Dominican To An English Mobile - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Phone calls from dominican to an english mobile

Name: karen J
Country: UK

Hi Andy, We have just come back from the Dominican Republic, we had a
fantastic time and met some wonderful people, we have spoken to tem on
the phone, with us ringing them, and they have rang us on a landline but
they haven't been able to get through to the mobile, I wonder if you
have any advice on the dialling codes to get through to our
mobilephones. Thank you Karen

ANSWER This is an almost impossible problem, I have it continually. The person has rang you on a land line, therefore it should be the same procedure, however it may be possible his cell phone company has different billing. Many cell phone or mobile companies have special codes for other cell phones. The USA does not have this, so there is no special codes to call a cell phone, same a land line. I would say the problem is on his or her end, she should go to the cell phone company If they are dialing all number to get out of Dominica the person could try the + sign, this sign means, get me out of the country and works in the majority of countries on a cell phone. I have a friend Steve, I will ask him, and try to write again, he is everywhere. The best way now is to use the Internet to call, I use Skye.com to call the USA from anywhere on the planet for 2 cents US per minute. He or she can dial a cell. I test my Thailand cell phone, by using Skye to call it. http://www.skype.com I am in Bangkok, Thailand Andy of HoboTraveler.com November 2007

Phone calls from dominican to an english mobile

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