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Peter Refusal Of Rights To Use Photos Of Philippines Street Children - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Peter Refusal of Rights to use Photos of Philippines Street Children This is Andy Graham, the owner of HoboTraveler.com. I am denying you the right to use the photos, I do not wish to be associated directly or tacitly with any of these organizations. They for the most part are scams and Ido not wish toassist them.The person you interviewed should give you the photos. I have had many request by organizations to use photos that should be readily available to them, and there should be no need for my photos, this become very morally suspect. The secondreasonis you are not transparency as to who, when, where, what, why of your Television programme. Do not use the photos. Andy Graham in Togo West Africa
July 26, 2007 YOU WROTE

Name: Peter Lowe
EMail: peterrobertlowe
@yahoo.co.uk Country: UK Message:
Dear Andy
We recently interviewed a woman who was leaving the UK permanently to work with destitute street children in the Philippines. I am including her story in a television programme we are making. I would like your permission to be able to use one or two photos that I have found on your website showing street children to illustrate her story. She has her own photos, but sadly did not have them with her when we met. I have read your usage of photos information and I would assume you are happy for this usage to go ahead. I will use the customary copyright credit. I look forward to your response
best wishes
Peter Peter Refusal of Rights to use Photos of Philippines Street Children

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