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Passports And English Books - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Passports and English Books QUESTION:
Name: Aldo Jimenez
Country: USA Message:
I am moving to Mexico and plan to travel to more countries after that. Can you help me with two questions, please? First, which countries require a passport to enter? And Second, when I am in Mexico (or elsewhere), how can I attain English language books. I read very much and I am confused about this. Thank you so much. Reply soon.
Aldo ANSWER Hello or Hola Aldo, Mexico and a few Caribbean Islands do not alway need passports, every other country requires a passport. Note: It is much safer for you to have a passport, your name seems Spanish, and if you do not have good proof you are American, maybe they will not let you back in the country of the USA. English Book are from Mexico to Argentina in the Backpacker Hostels and many bookstores. If you use a Roughguides.com or Lonely Planet it will often tell you where a English bookstore is located. In Mexico in the larger cities the New Book storee will sell English books. Andy

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