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Paris To West Africa Flights - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Paristo West Africa Flights

This airlines seems to give good prices: http://www.point-afrique.com/vols/

Paris to Dakar Ouagadougou Bamako Cotonou Niamey Posted as Comment on Blog
Richard Trillo has left a new comment on your post "Should Hobo Experts Answer Questions":

Hi Andy

Interesting post and the question about cheap airlines reminds me how few people in the English-speaking world know about the French charter company, Point Afrique. There's a link to them on my Rough Guide to West Africa blog. They're offering Paris to Dakar for €410 round trip, Ouagadougou €520, Bamako €520, Cotonou €630 and Niamey €520, including taxes. One-ways are half price. What is really remarkable is not just the prices but the fact that all their profits are reinvested in the countries they fly to in development projects.
Paristo West Africa Flights

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