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Page Rank Of All Pages Is Important - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Page Rank of All Page Is Important Hello William You wrote this below about your page rank, and is a normal, typical and very damaging idea to a website, what is important is UNIQUE visitor count.
I was disappointed last week. I have had a 4/10 google ranking for over a year, and accumulated some links, and I thought improved my site and was expecting a boost to 5/10, but instead woke up one morning to a 3/10 google rating, lower page rank, and half as many hits. Will evaluate your advise and decide the best course of action. A couple of months ago I took out a key word rich paragraph at the bottom of my home page because I read it was unnecessary and counterproductive, but I think I will put it back in and see if I go up to 4/10 again.

Answer I am assuming you are saying the page rank is the number on the Google.com tool bar is 4 or 3 something. I had a 6 and it dropped to 5 on this page.
https://www.hobotraveler.com/blogger.html Page rank is not important for only one URL, and rank of a page does not mean you have new readers, it means people are reading your blog. More or less rank is how many people are reading a page when you look at the google.com tool bar, and on a blog this is not very helpful. If you clicked around my site, HoboTraveler.com you would probably see page rank change on the bar, some could be2 others could be 5 and if I was happy it would be 6 or above, not likely, but I would be happy. I feel you are telling me the page rank of ONE URL or one link, to know your page rank, I would want to know the page rank of all your links, and maybe I would think about it. The truth is, I do not care about page rank on the google.com bar, I care about unique visitors on my site, and to know the difference between a unique visitor and a hit is a good place to start. Every page has a page rank, every specific page has its own page rank, what the goal of making one file, one post, one page is to have this page designed so the search term you chose to make the page about is in the top 10 results of Google.com or Yahoo.com. You telling me the wrong information to explain your web pages, if you want to tell me your site is good, or your site is having problem, I want to know How many unique visitors, NOT Hits, hits is a bad term and tell me you do not understand visitors to the page. Go to the bottom of any page on HoboTraveler.com and look for a small square box that has colors, this is the sitemeter.com box. Click on it.

I want to know the number of Unique Visitors on your site daily. This to me is your rank.
Under 50 is normal
50 to 200 is ok
200 to 500 is good
500-2000 is very good
2000-20,000 is doing good 20,000 to 500,000 is a player 500,000 and above to me is a super site I just made this ranking up, off the top of my head.

How man unique visitors per day for the whole site, this is what I want to know? Then I could say, your rank is this or that. Sitemeter.com is Free, and an easy way for a small page to learn, this is the statisics I use, none other, and I also can count my clicks in impressions in google.com/adsense. When you can see the number of visitors growing, then you will know the site is growing, now you do not know simple and clear.

Andy HoboTraveler.com
https://www.hobotraveler.com/blogger.html 2007-05-13

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