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Ordering English Books In Mexico - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Ordering English Books in Mexico QUESTION: Name: Aldo Jimenez
Country: USA Message:
Hello Andy,
Thank you very, very much for replying to the message of mine. I am a good fan of yours. Thanks for the information with how to attain English language books. But how can I order books? This is what I meant particularly in my question. Maybe through book stores? Saluting you,
Aldo ANSWER I think you would need to go to a big bookstore and order them, and it can take a long time. Find an Expat in the area where you live, or a real rich person from Mexico and ask them how to order an English book, I am sure in Mexico city you can get about anything on the planet, it is a world class city. Acapulco and Cancun, have good benefits this way, there is a huge bookstore south of Playa del Carmen that brings truck loads of used books to Mexico to sell. The most recent, the most popular books in English can be sold in the bookstore, what happens is this, a rich traveler goes on vacation, they buy the 5 books they wanted to read for a long time, they take them to a resort in Mexico, they read them and leave them in the room. The books are grabbed by the cleaning ladies and sold to the used bookstores. If you want to read research or textbook types books, and not fiction this is when it become difficult, I suspect in Mexico you can find about any recent fiction book written if you start looking, but not the same as the USA where we just go and buy. Andy in Lome, Togo and I can only find one book in English to read, I have to read e-books. June 2007

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