One Overnight Bag And One Long Term Backpack - Tips

One Overnight Bag and One Long Term Backpack I am not sure and overnight bag applies to a traveler, but for lack of a better word I will use. I have slowly developed a workable system of two bags. One bag is essential gear or the overnight bag. The second bag is for long-term or more than one night, I unpack it when I am in a Hotel for longer than one night. The overnight bag though is not for one night, it for an indefinite period of travel. Example: I am planning to leave Accra, Ghana and travel very fast to the other side of Cote D Ivoire. This will take about 2-5 days, depending on the transportation. I pack one bag with a few pairs of underwear, shorts, and my computer. I pack the toothbrush, shampoo and essential supplies. The second bag has things like Swim Trunks, and gear I do not use every day. So I can travel for weeks with this bag, and never open the second bag. The streamlines my packing. One Overnight Bag and One Long Term Backpack

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