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Older Persons Travel To Nepal - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hello Robert,
I am not able to really suss this out for you.
A layover in Bangkok is better because you do not need a Visa and the airport is much nicer, India is always a little on the grundgy side.
Nepal is safe for older persons, normal exceptions, do not get drunk and walk home at 3 in the morning. The Maoist are behaving and normally they do not molest the tourist. The Nepal people love Americans, the biggest danger is if you trek and get altitude sickness.
If you go to this page and look for the telephone number for Marshall at cut rate travel, you can maybe find cheaper or better help for USA people.

Thanks and have fun.
Andy in Katmandu Nepal - January 2007

Name: Robert xxx

Country: USA
My wife and I, spry but in our 60s, are considering visiting Nepal this fall. We have a Nepali friend in Katmandu who will be our host during our visit. In looking into air fares, we are quite confused by all the choices. Cost is a consideration. We would be traveling from Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN and flying to Katmandu. The best all around itinerary we have found seems to be to fly to Los Angeles on NWA, and then on to Bangkok, and then to Katmandu, the last legs on the Thai airline. It seems to be a bit cheaper to fly to Chicago and then on to Delhi and then to Katmandu, but the reports I have found on the web about the Delhi airport makes having a layover in Bangkok look like a better bet. Any suggestions? Also, what is your impression as to how safe Nepal is now for two older American tourists?


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