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Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hello Craig,

It is complicated to negotiate a flight ticket. Life as a nomad is difficult, life as a Hobo is difficult.
Do we plan or are we nomads?
There is a gamble of about 200-1000 dollars to make when buying a plane ticket.
I have found that I lose large sums of money when I buy ahead of time.
Why, because I change my plans, and wish to stay. I think you know or realize that if you had a round the world ticket, it would control you, or you would spend hours trying to change the dates, times, locations etc, to somehow get the value of the ticket.
I believe there is a ticket you can purchase for the 680 U.S. price, the finding it, is the art, I would think you already know of this page, where I collect information on flights.

Ok, Agents will sell you a ticket for what they can sell, they also have a time thing. The more time they work, the cheaper the price. I would recommend you talk, become friends with Marshall, and become a regular customer. He know me, and remembers information, I have now purchased a few tickets from him.
Changing plans will cost you ten time more than the difference between the 800 and the 680, or the 120 dollars more as is presently the difference.
I do use the McFlight.de constantly.

I then establish of find my target price, the amount of money I think I want or maybe should pay. I think you are thinking or saying that 680 is your target price to go from Portland to ? Bangkok, this is the problem with plane tickets, even for me to comment, I have to know from where to where, and the dates.... aagh. Then how flexible you are.
I will go and search. Portland to Bangkok - I find you should be paying about 400 Euros.. hehehe, nothing is simple and China Airlines is the best price.
??China Airlines Bangkok332 EUR 86.00 EUR

??Korean Air Bangkok412 EUR 33.00 EUR

??Delta Air Lines Bangkok465 EUR 28.00 EUR

??Eva Airways Bangkok454 EUR 75.00 EUR

410 Euros mas or menos is the price you are searching for, tell Marshall about this research, and often an Agent will help. Note, many people play games, they try to work the travel agent, try to not commit, he is weighing you, will you buy the ticket now. You must say, I need to buy a ticket, and I want to create a relationship where we can work together. This is not easy, takes practice and he will not always be able to sell you a ticket.
Make a friend, Marshall is a good guy, but he is a business, he has only X amount of time to invest in people, how much time does he give Craig? Does Craig express loyalty or is does Craig only care about the price. Can Marshall come close and still sell the ticket because of helping, or will Craig buy a ticket to save 20 dollars?
I see travel agents work and work, and they find a price for 680 and their client finds a price for 670 with the next person who matched and beat the price by 10 dollars. An agent explains the airlines, the path, the best route, and the person wanting a ticket goes and shops it, the next person who is not capable of doing the research now has the first agent do the research and they try to beat the price.
Reward the brains, the person who did the research needs the chance to match or help and should not lose a sale, for 20 dollars, I see 50 dollars as my marker, if I am going to lose 50 dollars by being loyal then that is too much. I will pay 50 to buy a ticket from an Bird I know, then one in the bush.
Thaifly.com? Have you tried them?
Maybe you should fly to Togo.
Andy in Togo, Africa April 2007
Ugh -- Called Marshall today to get price check on tickets to Thailand -- In Feb he quoted me $680 for a May flight from Portland; today he quoted me $800. Bah!

Thank you,
Andy HoboTraveler.com

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