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Newspapers Can Be Used As Curtains Ghana - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Newspapers can be used as curtains Ghana I am in Accra, Ghana and I want to block all the sun from coming in one of the room windows. The room is great, however to stop the light would increase my privacy as I have a window on the street side. There are couple of people that sit right outside the window and talk. I am trying to block sound also, so I am not sure. A newspaper is relatively easy to find in Ghana, for about 50 Cent US or 5000 Cedi. It was very hard to find newspapers in Togo. I have a large mobile closet I can also move in front of the window. Room 2, Eclipse Hotel, for 104,000 CFA, shared toilet, a very nice room. Andy in Accra, Ghana August 2007 Newspapers can be used as curtains Ghana

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