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Nepal Solar Cooker - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hello Chris,
Yes, the price of the cooker in Nepal for about 12 US Dollars with FOST is reasonable. Hard to believe how much people or companies feel OK about charging.

I keep thinking about FOST, I would think a lot of persons would go, look and buy if they knew how to find him. I am not sure it is good for him to put up great signs, he would never get anything done if every tourist in Kathmandu stopped in to visit.

I thought about buying one and giving to the Hostel, a good idea, then giving a website link to where to find him.

I had to call, then a kid came and met me in the street, if I did not have a cell phone here, it would have been impossible. I have collected a lot of photos, and hope him write in the Nepali language directions for a taxi driver. Even then, I doubt the taxi could find.

I will blog it when I figure out how to explain where he is located.

Andy in Pokjara February 4, 2007


should mention, a Cookit similar to the one at FOST is selling for $119! What a markup!


- Chris

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