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Needed 2000 Watt Tester - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

I want a 2000 Watt tester
I want to know before I plug in my heater if iit will pop a fuse or break a breaker. I am Pokjara, Nepal and the room is cold, I have a 220 Fan Heater and I would like to plug in, but I am not sure, maybe when I turn it on, a fuse breaks or a breaker breaks, then the owner of the hotel is not happy. Note that he would not be happy to know I have a heater, but there are limits to my wanting to freeze.
I would easily pay more here in Nepal for a heated room. My room is 200 Rupees, I would pay up to 500 or 700 Rupees for heat.
Andy in Pokjara, Nepal February 4, 2004
I want a 2000 Watt tester.

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