Nangbeto Togo Hippopotamus On Land Or In Water - Tips

Nangbeto Togo Hippopotamuson Land or in Water I am here in Atakpame,Togo, I want to go see theHippos of Nangbeto. To see them walking around I need to get to Nangbeto earling in the morning, from sunrise until about 10 am. As I understand, as the sun shines they go into the water to cool their bodies and swim.There is a Hotel close to the Hydroelectric Dam and I suppose if I used a Motorcycle or Car I could quickly drive to see them, I am not sure. However to take a Motocycle Taxi from Atakpame, to Nangbeto, I think I need to leave at about 5:30 am, to get the best views, or just as the sun rises. Nangbeto Togo Hippopotamuson Land or in Water

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