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Motorbike To Power Computer - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Motorbike to Power Computer
Togo is a mess, there seems to be no honest, just play by the rules way to have a package shipped here with DHL or UPS. There is this Transportation versus public transportation question. When you add on the feature of giving me electricity, the value of having a 400 US dollar motorbike greatly increases here in Africa. I need to think on deliberate, coffee here sucks, only instant is here. Andy in Togo Dunno beans about Customs costs either.

Motorbike should work. If you park the bike close (inside a ground floor room?) you could disconnect the battery connections and replace it with your own. Leave the battery on the bike. DC voltage decreases on long runs of wiring (the reason inverters are used to switch current to AC, because long runs of wiring is OK with AC). To get more than the motorbike's 6V (stepping it up to 12V) perhaps a 2nd 6V battery could be wired in parallel and strapped on the back or to the frame of the bike when you ride around until you get a full charge. Or change batteries and ride around around the 2nd 6V battery until it's charged, then combine them for 12V.

There used to be a roller stand device with a generator attached. It was designed for off-grid electrical generation. A car's drive tire was driven onto the roller-generator assembly, which spun the generator allowing powering up appliances or charging batteries. Ideal would be a 24V generator (allows longer runs of wiring you can still end up with 12V or so) -- also will charge up a 12V battery.

Here's a How-To for a bicycle generator running a laptop, but it could be adapted to a motorbike, I imagine. The picture links don't work, but it's part of a larger comprehensive bicycle generator website

Good 12V gear in the package.

Any good coffee there? Drinking Guatemalan.

- Chris

On 5/20/07, Andy HoboTraveler.com <[email protected]> wrote: Hello Chris, I keep trying to figure out what to do, I hear nobody in Togo or Lome say, just ship and this is the cost. On another issue, I can purchase a motorbike for about 400 USA and I could use it for electricity? Andy

Thank you,
Andy HoboTraveler.com
https://www.hobotraveler.com/blogger.html 2007-05-20

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