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Morocco To Kenya Airfare Cheap For Bill - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Morocco to Kenya Airfare Cheap for Bill QUESTION:

Name: bill
Country: USA Message:
I'm planning a holiday in early January that would take me to morocco and kenya. I'm having a difficult time finding airfare from morocco to kenya though, so i was wondering if you had any airlines that you've used and are cheap. Anything will help, thanks.
-bill ANSWER

Cheap... I guess cheap to me would be USA to Morocco to Kenya to Morocco to USA for under 2000 US, this is not an easy trip, I think it might be worth checking the around the world air ticket people to see if they can go south for you, and make an around the world trip. These are the airlines off the top of my head. Royal Air Maroc
http://www.qatarairways.com Those are guesses as to Airlines that would fly there the cheapest. If you can bounce of Beirut, Lebanon or Tripoli, Libya you will find some cheap routes, all the Lebanese people are working or moving into various parts of Africa. Another idea is to go to Nairobi, Kenya and fly to Bangkok and back the USA and this is not a round-trip, but I am not sure round trip helps you. Try to use this tool to search for flights, making it as least restrictive as possible, find the airlines and the price and use a target price. http://flweb.ypsilon.net/index.phtml/mcflight_en Morocco to Kenya Airfare Cheap for Bill

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