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Mobile Office 10 Day Experiment In Togo West Africa - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Mobile Office 10 Day Experiment in Togo West Africa
Goal to live 10 day with on and off electricity and travel through the sparsely populated areas of West Africa.

Andy in Togo, West Africa June 2007

I am collecting all the necessary items to travel for 10 days with intermittent electricity.
1. Portable Electricity making Solar Panel
It's a basically a cell phone charger and can be used for various other small electronics like your camera, etc.
It has 10 AA's shrink wrapped and built in as a 12V power source for nights and rainy days. 2. 12 Volt Automobile Battery Charger powered by either 110 or 220 3. AA Battery Charger that charges 10 AA Batteries at one time
I sent a 10 AA BattPak charger which can be charged with 12V or 110V. 4. 24 AA Rechargeable Batteries
At least that many. Think I sent 2600 mA batteries, which hold more charge for longer duration use. 5. Laptop Computer Powers Source - Allows me to connect computer to
Laptop car charger (powered by 12V) included. 6. Miscellaneous 12 Volt Connectors
Various, including a compact dual voltage one that plugs into AC and you just jack a 12V CLA connector into it, so you make your 220V give you 12V. 7. Windup Cell Phone Charger 8. Cell phone car charger for Motorola V555
Included, plus an extra adapter tip for the V555 in the solar panel's zip-up case so you can charge it from there too. 9.1. Portable Electricity making Solar Panel
The Unlocked Quad Band Cell phone I'm getting you (Samsung D990i if you want to look up the specs) has a USB data link cable and software for your laptop connection, plus Bluetooth and a 3.13 megapixel camera and it's own car charger and a 110V charger. You'll have at least several ways of charging it with 12V if 110V won't work for you. Mobile Office 10 Day Experiment in Togo West Africa

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