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Melanie Advertise Hostel On Hobotraveler Com - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hello Melanie, This is Andy of HoboTraveler.com, the person in charge of this site... HoboTraveler.com. The HoboTraveler.com site is probably not the best site for you to use to advertise your site presently. Hmmm, I was going to say to advertise with

However, if you do not have a webpage this becomes difficult. The problem with HoboTraveler.com I have no way presently to put your information only on Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand pages, therefore only very international sites that sell globally do well, like travel insurance. I want your advertising to work. Very complicated to explain, however in about 3-5 days were are going to open submissions on the site
http://www.hobohideout.com The wonderful part of HoboHideout.com is it will make small Hotels and Hostel have a way to promote their sites for free. What happens is this, you will register, submit and your hotel suddenly has a webpage link. Something like: cambodia/pham-penh/The-New-Hostel-Cambodia This links is special designed to help you get traffic, if they search for a Hostel in Pham Penh, probably spelled wrong. Then you will soon be able to add about 10-25 photos and all the descriptions you want within and easy to use format. You can still use hostelworld.com or other sites for booking and even if you have a webpage, you just put the link to your website and they can go to your site if they wish. This more or less creates an online editable by you, brochure of your hostel. We will be creating and doing this for free in about 4-5 days. We have about 8 Million cities on the planet, so a big task to put them up. The site look very bad, yet it will soon be cleaned up, and you have a free webpage. Note, I alway think the best way to advertise a hostel is this. Get a Lonely Planet, or Roughguides.com etc. Find the cities whereby a person would stop right before your city. Example, if your hostel is in Phom Penh, then go to Siem Reap and talk to the hotels listed in the Lonely Planet, give them about 50 to 100 very cheap paper one quarter sheet flyers, then ask them if they want you to post. Sort of an exchange. Then every time a person comes to the Hostel, give them 5 when they enter, 5 on the table in the room, and 5 when they leave and ask them to post them in Hostel. It is amazing how fast this works. But, the trips to the adjacent before and after cities is time consuming, I suppose it would take about one or two weeks. Hope this helps, and if you wish to have a free page, write again in 5 days, or watch the hobohideout.com and we will make it possible soon. On that site we will be able to put ads only on Cambodia pages, because it is all database and not just made pages. Andy in Atakpame, Togo West Africa YOU WROTE - Note: (...) Three dashes means I edited the text
Name: Melanie (...)
Country: Australia Message:
Hi, we are starting a hostel in Cambodia and are interested in advertising on your website. We do not have our own website, so I-m not sure if hobotraveller is right for us. We are planning on using various booking websites eg hostelworld.com so Im not sure if we could send people to those sites? If we were to advertise what would we need to supply to you (ie do you create our advertisement?) Many thanks, Melanie (...)
Thank you,
Andy HoboTraveler.com
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