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Massage By Joyce Travel Idea - Tips

Massage by Joyce Travel Idea Hello Joyce, Everywhere I know is somewhat saturated by Massage, then if you was in a Spa in Belize most of the planet is quite different than what this sounds like to me. I guess I need to know how much money you like to earn, and how much money is a cheap hotel? West Africa is not saturated, hehehe I make many a joke about massage, it is about 25 U.S. Dollars here and the locals get about 8 dollars for a full days work, sort of full on gringo prices, not part of the local economy. Andy in Panajachel, Guatemala Name: joyce
Country: USA

i am a massage therapist and yoga instructor, four years ago i got a
work permit to help open a spa in belize - want to do something similar
however this time id like to focus on training locals to give massage
and teach a basic yoga class and start their own businesses in resort
areas. id like to return to the carribbean/central america and am looking
for ideas for a location (not already saturated with these services)and
preferably inexpensive to live in for a few months - any suggestions?
Thank You

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