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Making Real Change - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hello Chris,

Making real change is dependent upon me learning what they need and want, not what I want to give or think they need. I keep thinking, this place is very wealthy, they do not need to work but a couple hours per day to live. Making needed change is a very difficult cultural process, I am here in Badou, I look through USA eyes and think, wow, caring water is no fun. However, they seem to have zero problem motivating people to carry water. I see no shortages because of laziness. So, it is me that has a problem. It is easy for me to a say what they need, it is another thing for them to say. If they say, I suspect they woald says, - I want to come to the USA.
- I want argent or money.
- I want a Portable What happens when the electricity comes on after many hours of being off. The turn on the TV, or the Stereo, their entertainment increase. Only the bars seem or sometimes guarantee theyhave electricity, you can almost guarantee they will have a group generator to turn on the music. I complain about AC but there is no need in a village for AC as they would not have the money to pay for, and if they did, they would have a generator. The idea of sustainable energy, electricity, water in the house, lights to read, are all idea we want. The only object I hear they want daily is a portable cell phone. The one girl wanted a pig. Would I buy her a pig, I say no, because I think she would raise the pig and eat it, and that would be finished. There seems to be very little preservation of the principle or saving enough to guarantee the future. The Eden Foundation has 17 food that grow on bushes, trees or such, they person just goes and picks, seems like a simple and good idea. In a way, the best idea is one that you can sell, and they feel value in the purchase. I suppose if I could make a solar cell that would give them lights, they may consider that of value, I just do not know. I find they have enough money to buy what they want, many buy motorcycles, many on credit. I think I need to concentrate on me, and get some toys that help me, and if one is simple and cheap enough I will see if they will buy it. If they buy it, then maybe it is of value to them. Giving is somewhat a problem. Here is a great essay or statement on how to make changes in cultures.
http://www.eden-foundation.org/project/seminars_ipalac.html I am wondering about a pig or a portable phone, the only clear things I know they want. I will ask or focus on asking do you want electricity when i am in a village with no electricity. One thing they do when there is electricity in one house or store, they have a TV and many people come and watch either soap operas, music videos or sports. Andy in Badou, Togo May 2007

Thank you,
Andy HoboTraveler.com
https://www.hobotraveler.com/blogger.html 2007-05-03

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