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Making Money On Internet Austen - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Helloo Austen, You can travel in cheap places like South American and Thailand for 400-500 per month, however to really move you need about 800-1000 US per month. Learning to live cheap. I do well with Google adsense, the affiliate links have never made me money, if you lie, push, and wrap your whole page around the readers clicking on some hotel affiliate links you can make money. http://www.google.com/adsense

Name: austen
Country: USA

Hello andy, My name is Austen. First of all thank you for your travel
blog it is very inspiring for me. I travelled a few years ago for 2 1/2
years staying mostly in Australia but visiting 5 countries during my
trip, 8 in total now. I am inspired to take a not go home trip and set
sail like you have. I have about $400 US coming in each month through
interest from my lifes savings, I feel If I could earn 4-600 dollars more
at least I could accomplish my dream. I am starting going about this by
learning affiliate marketing and having pay per click on wesites that
I would be creating, I do this with the dream to live and travel
wherever and whenever I desire. I am also learning microsoft excel with the
goal to possibly help you with your websites if work there is available.
Andy as I find ways to support myself in my travels I hope that I may
ask you questions and pick your brain on how to make a living as a hobo
traveller. Would you consider mentoring people with straight up i!
ntentions.? Thanks Andy I look forward to your next blog entry in

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