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Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Location Location Location Hello, I have said, the value of real estate is not Location, Location, Location, the real value of Real Estate is determined by, Transportation Transportation Transportation Which, then will will lead you to the best locations, if I study the transportation patterns, I will soon learn the intersection of all transporation or the infrastructure around the location to learn the value of the real estate. I am in Togo, to buy a plantation, a person must look at the land. Maps are good, and some good topographical maps, water, roads, rivers, etc will help a person to decide where to buy. Not much good to raise peanuts, palms, cacao or coffee if you cannot somehow transport it to market. I am 90 percent sure, I will soon buy a motorcycle for 600 US here in Togo, not for Togo so much, but to travel between Ghana, Togo and Benin easily and quick, and to be able to park the motorcycle easy. A car has many problems, I would buy a cheap car, however how do I park it, and I think a car or truck is stopped by the police at roadblock to get their token money, and the motorcycle cruise on by. I can hire a taxi by the day or week to travel if needed. Just some thoughts Andy in Lome Togo June 2007 Location Location Location

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