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Link Checkers - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hello, The tech is making a script to check all the links, keep hoping to not invent the wheel again. These cannot come close to checking the site, however good for small sites. I have over 50,000 links on Hobo and 5 million on Try to check dead links, etc isfull time job, we have cleaned already about 2000 from submissions in the DB part of site. I keep thinking, I should be able to buy off a shelf, most are somehow connected also to my computer speed. This program I used for years. Xenu, algorithm has started to penalize sites with broken links more and any HTML problem, has always done this harshly and it the reason why they are not number one, you have always had to beg with Yahoo or be a perfect webmaster to work with them, more or less they go for paid sites and not any of the non-professional types. Very difficult to check and fix links, I am glad I learn more or less what types of links break. YOU WROTE: good for checking links on a single page. I've never used this, but supposedly this site can do a full-site validation: Good luck. Andy of in Atakpame, Togo West Africa May 2007 Thank you,
Andy 2007-05-14