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Lindabastian Com Usa Person In Middle East - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

LindaBastian.com USA person in Middle East

Answer below Name: Linda Bastian
Country: USA

.Hi Andy,
I enjoy keeping up with your travels and missives from various places around the world.
I lived and worked-art professor in college- in the Middle East for 7 years--Qatar, Oman, Egypt, and the UAE. I traveled in Lebanon,Iran, Syria, and Yemen. As a single woman and artist, I traveled alone and had some wonderful adventures. If you wanted to interview me, that would be cool. I would tell folks how welcoming these countries to tourists...you can see my art on my website, www.lindabastian.com. You can see how the Middle East has influenced my art....

Website URL: http://www.lindabastian.com Hello Linda,
Thanks, I appreciate your writing me, I will prepare a list of question. I will need a few things from you, like photos, maybe a video as an option and a profile. I will write you with these questions soon, so relax and we can slowly work our way to an interview. Note, you were the first response. Thanks Andy of HoboTraveler.com in Bangkok, October 2008
LindaBastian.com USA person in Middle East

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