Lens Fogs Over When Bringing From Ac To Heat Thailand - Tips

Lens Fogs over when bringing from AC to Heat Thailand Air Conditioned rooms and Photographers do not mix well... This is a big problem, I mean huge, to live in an Air Conditioned room, the walk outside and immediately take photos is a problem, the lens will fog over and distort the photo. I truly believe the only solution I know is to take the camera out and allow to heat up about 2 hours. This link has some possible helps, the only one that seems close it to put in the toilet and close the door, or maybe I can store in the closet, and hope the room is not to cool. I think the best solution is to put on the balcony or hang out the window, the problem for me is theft, just not a safe thing to do, I am going to try opening the window and hanging the camera at the window in the bag and use the AC with the window open. Inside the bag, it stays cold or hot, and I need to take the camera out of the bag. Solutions Maybe for Lens Fogging Over Lens Fogs over when bringing from AC to Heat Thailand

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