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Lcc Longer But Cheaper Flights - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hello Robb,
Think cheap airfare routes and not distance closest places route.
The prices of Airplane flights in Asia and Southeast Asia are difficult to understand. A flight can be close and very expensive, however far and very cheap. There is for sure some real cheap flights in Asia and to Ankor Wat or Siem Reap from Bangkok can be cheap.
I think the thing to remember is to not think distance on flights and connect the cheaper paths. I get on this page and track down all the LCC carrier routes that I can.
I hope to eventually make this easier on the www.flyinghobos.com site and have them all just listed.
The bottom line is the shorted flight it not always the cheapest route, you need to find the cheap pathways and follow them. Tokyo and Bejing are not the cheap routes. PLEASE think about weight when considering the LCC - Low Cost Carriers, the often only allow 30 KILOS, or about 60 pounds of checked bags, always pay attention to weight.
The India - Kenya - Cairo jaunt will be a push for a 19 year old person.
Andy in Togo, West Africa April 2007
Name: robb
Country: USA
Andy, thanks so much for getting back to me, you rock!
I guess I need to explain a bit more.
I have a 19 year old son who is in Australia and is heading to New Zealand.
He will be there for a month, he will then have 2 months of travel time
before returning to the US. I have found cheap flights, by some of your
postings on the internet, Sydney or Brisbane to Osaka for $350 US. He will
go Tokyo- Beijing
Beijing-Bangkok, Bangkok r/t Phnom Penh, Bangkok-Katmandu, Overland-Mumbai,
Nairobi-Cairo, Cairo-Athens, Athens-Rome.
So on the net I found a flight, pek-bkk $262us I thought this a very good
price for the distance traveled.
Bkk-Pnh 300 r/t, but since i read your posting on monopoly felt this an ok
price. There is a 1 way pnh to siem reap for 21us I was wondering if that
is real?
Bkk-Kath, Bom - NBO, these two tickets would you suggest buying in Bangkok?
The only ticket I thought was expensive was the Toyko-Beijing leg, almost
500 US and only a 3 hr. flight.
Well, I wrote you in an attempt to heed your advice as a sage of travel.
Unfortunately, my son has had this year off and this part of it came up only
recently, so to some extent it is last minute and I am trying to play catch
up as this came out of the blue and he is attempting to see quite alot in a
short period of time. When I went rtw I took almost 2 years. So I understand
where you are coming from, but Zac will return to college in August, so his
time is fixed.
Basically, he will spend a week +- a day in Japan, Beijing, Ankor Wat,
Bangkok, 2 weeks India, Kenya a week, Cairo a week, Athens&Rome a week each.
Its about all the time he has left of this year he took off.
Thanks for being there

Thank you,
Andy HoboTraveler.com

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