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Laptop Or Pda - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Laptop or pda
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Name: Robin
Country: USA

I am in the midst of planning my escape and cannot decide between
bringing a laptop or pda. I too want to do some writing and would love to
access maps, encarta (great idea!) and maybe watch movies on a computer
but I could just get a pda and keyboard for writing (travelvice.com-s
idea!) I-m a petite woman so security/theft and carrying weight is
already an issue.... What-s your opinion? And do you always have your
computer on you?

I can-t thank you enough for all the fantastic info on the site! And
appreciate the honest, non-mainstream backpacker opinions!


Hello Robin,

This is an excellent question, and I also know Craig of Travelvice.com.

I have encouraged Craig to buy a computer and carry because he could make money with a computer, however, he is very smart and can utilize any computer.

Time - A PDA will requre you to be smarter and it will take double the time to work.

Weight - A PDA is lighter, easier to carry.

I am not sure, I think Craig also is trying to not be on a computer 24/7.

If you want to work, I think you need a computer, if you want to just have something around then the PDA is good.

I think of asking Craig to help on my site, however, when I start to ask or to offer to pay, I think to myself. He does not have a computer...

Work versus Play?

Weight? I take a taxi all the time, I do not walk more than about 100 yards, then I get a Taxi.

Theft is NOT the problem, a PDA or any Music device will get robbed before a computer. A camera will maybe get robbed.

A computer is less temptation than you think for an uneducated person.

There is no correct answer, the length of time is a thought, the longer I would travel, the more likely I would carry a computer, the less and then a PDA.

The weight is not a problem for me, the constant protection of the computer from Taxi drivers and Bus drivers throwing the computer bag is the annoyance.

Andy in USA and leaving today for Togo, Africa
February 2007

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