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Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Lago Nigeria Movies

Hello Sharon,
I think maybe you should only 1/3 freak out, and I do agree you have some concerns.
This is Andy of HoboTraveler.com. It is hard to say for Nigeria, however I believe he will be ok, only because he has been to Swaziland. If he is a black person it would also be better, because for sure a white person is going to be a noticed. If for some reason he is very rich or you are very rich then I think a big problem. I am somewhat assuming he has some friends in this country, because if not, why not go to India to Ballywood, the same but safer... I do not think he needs to go to Nigeria for what he is doing, however maybe there is more to the story. I have thought for a long time about making a documentary in Benin about Malnutrition. If you think about it, give him my email address hoboontheroad AT yahoo.com You must replace the AT with the @ and remove spaces.
Thanks Andy in Guatemala YOU WROTE:

Name: Sharon K
Country: USA

Hi Andy, I subscribe to your Travel Blog and if I dont have an email from one of my children, I open yours first! I so enjoy your blog. I would love a little feedback.
My son, who has always marched to his own drum, is thinking about moving to Lagos, Nigeria. He is currently living in Rome and has for 13 years. I am freeking out about this impending move as I read all I could find on the internet about this country and it was not good. He tells me I shouldnt believe American press about anything and I am over-reacting. He recently went to Swaziland to shoot a documentry and wants to be a part of the movie boom in Lagos. Am I over-reacting? Any comment from you would be appreciated. Sharon
Lago Nigeria Movies

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