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Know The Answers Before You Film A Culture - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Know the Answers before you Film a Culture I have found, I need to visit two separate culture activities, the one I wish to learn from and the one I will film. At the first I learn everything I can about the specific cultural event, asking many questions, quizzing, changing, doing all the what if questions when I am naive about the subject. Then after I feel I have a very good understanding of what happens, I go to the real subject of the video, I make the video quicker and less disruptive to the authentic moment. There is a limit to the goodwill of people, the majority will be helpful for a short while, however to sit around asking question and disturbing their lives is not good. I want to ask questions the first time, then film quick the second time. Know the Answers before you Film a Culture