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Kendall Ghana Tours - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Kendall Ghana Tours

Hello Kendall, I was in Ghana a couple of months. I left about 9 months ago. However, I have no idea why you need to talk to a travel agent in Ghana before you go, there is almost no reason in the world to talk with one unless you are in the country. When you get there you can buy amost anything you wish for tours. However, talk to Peace Corp People search for Peace Corps in Ghana in Cape Coast and they can help you. Andy in Peru Name: G. Kendall
Country: Canada

I seen a fellow from prineville orgeon asked the same question regarding All World Travel and Tours Limited,
22 Tetteh Quarshie Street,
Offlane roundabout,
Accra-Ghana. I want to know if they are legit or not, I have talked to this guy on the phone 6 or 7 times, he sent me flight info for a friend of mine to come here. Can you assist me in this? Thankyou in advance

Kendall Ghana Tours

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