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Hello Jouko,
Yes, this is Andy, I met you in Montana Linda many years ago. How are you?
I tried to write you a few times and never got a reply, it is possible I had the wrong emails.
My site has grown, I have now traveled for 10 years and 76 countries, I no longer trade for a room and make plenty of money from my site to go anywhere and do about anything.
Where are you, are you still a Journalist?
I am now in Kpalime, Togo and will travel from Togo to Ethiopia by land. I think you drove a car from America to Argentina.
Hope life is great, I need writers.!?
Andy in Togo

Name: Jouko ( jack) de Vet
Country: Netherlands
Dear Andy,
I see my name on your internetsite ( travel-interview) but i no the name Andy but from where? (Costa Rica; are you the man that makes internetsites for hotels etc. and they pay you in free sleeping overnights?)Is that you in Montana Linda?

Jack from Holland

Thank you,

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