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Joint Promo - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Joint Promo Question: Name: Tony Humphrey
Country: Canada Message:
G-day Andy,
I have just found your website. We both have travel newsletters with Topica.com. Would you be interested in a joint promo to our respective subscribers inviting them to be a subscriber to both? We have around 14,000 subscribers. TheTravelInsider.net is the voice of TopTravelSites.com and associated websites of LastMinuteDirect.net and some Sopac sites. My next issue will be at the end of May. Cheers, Tony Humphrey, Vancouver, BC. Website Name: TheTravelInsider.net
Website URL: http://www.toptravelsites.com Answer: Hello Tony Humphrey, I am always interested in learning about Travel, and what is offered on the planet. I will recommend and promote sites, newsletters or great ideas, however, for me to recommend something, I need actually use, in this instance, I would want to read your newsletters. I am truly a traveler, I am today in Lome, Togo, can you please send me a URL or Link to the archives of the specific newsletter you publish? I will subscribe and read if it sounds good and legitimate. Then maybe we can move on from there. However, if really good, I just promote, you do not need to reciprocate. Promo or promotion of my site is important, however also are the friends I make and keep, my readers depend on me to be a pain in the butt and only recommend what I believe in, after 10 years of travel, they know, if I say it is a go, then I believe in the product, service etc. I do not care much who you are associate with on this newsletter, I only care about what the newsletter is? So the Who, When, Where, What, Why of the newsletter is needed. Like I said, I am Togo on a very slow GPRS internet connection and sitting around surfing is difficult, however reading newsletter or writing email is easy. Thanks Andy of HoboTraveler.com in Lome, Togo May 20, 2007 https://www.hobotraveler.com/blogger.html

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