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John Jepson Request to Remove site Hello John Jepson, We do not find you to be the owner of the site, or an documentation of who you are or why you have the right to request this. The site you reference is in the directory and appears to work Competition tries to put other business out of business, as for now this site will remain listed until removes from their directory. It is possible for most webpages who obey our terms of service to post information on our site. We remove site when the stop working or resolving to the page. We do not promote or recommend site, this is just a listing the same as a person would be in If you are a professional, and a Thailand citizen, etc, and work in any professional manner your comment did not represent this. Andy of YOU WROTE

Name: John Jepson
Country: Thailand

Mr Peter Taouk is currently under investigation for a serious fraud
charge in Thailand concerning properties advertised with you
He is also out on bail for 2 charges of attempt to commit murder.

Please can you remove these advertisements, and delete his account.

Please refer to Mr Anthony Justice at Magna Carta Law office in Pattaya
for further information +66(0)81-983-3964


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