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Jeremy Testing Backpacks - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Jeremy Testing Backpacks Rodney in Philippines is not up to making one, so now I am going to try to make in Canada the first one, I am not sure when, however I have you on the list. I am not sending you a bag and not saying I will, you will have to prove you are a traveler. Thanks Andy in Guatemala. ID: 1211
Category: Question for Andy

Name: Jeremy
Country: USA

I was reading the post on Brave New Traveler about Jacob's quest for a
perfect backpack and saw your comment about needing testers for your
pack. I would definitely be up for it if you still need someone to test
it. My address is:
North Little Rock, AR

Let me know if you'll be sending one and the type of -quot-tests-quot-
you'd want me to make sure I included.

Jeremy Testing Backpacks

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