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Invitation To Come Kayak In Tonga - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hello Vila, I have not beento Tonga and would love to visit. The South Pacific is an expensive area of the planet to travel. I expect I will be going to Thailand or Asia in November of 2009. I may be going South towards you at this time. I will try to keep the email and see try to visit. Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com in Awasa, Ethiopia https://www.hobotraveler.com/blogger.html Name: Vila
Country: Tonga Message:
Malo e lelei from Tonga! Hope this note finds you well. My name is Vila and we recently started a kayak adventure company here in Tonga. We are in the process of trying to make our little company more visible to travellers and I have been doing some browsing online. I am not sure if you have had the opportunity to visit Tonga yet, but I found your website online and was very interested by your travel history and your philosophy. Good on you! It sounds like a wonderful life. We are very small and very new and located on the main island of Tongatapu. My husband and I uprooted our family from California to try a whole different life in Tonga (I am half Tongan) and it has been a wonderful change. If your travels happen to bring you this direction, we would like to invite you to come and check us out. Cheers! Vila Website Name: Fatai Global and Fatai Kayak Adventures
Website URL: http://www.fataiglobal.com
Thank you,
Andy HoboTraveler.com
https://www.hobotraveler.com/blogger.html 2009-03-17

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