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International Edge Gprs - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hello Hello Steve,
May 2007 Togo I am on a per KB plan, however until June, it is free to use, the price is very confusing and I sat in the Togocel.tg office three times for one hour trying to learn about the GPRS, finally a man came down, and they says, it is Free until June. JUST Togo is involved and I cannot find any relationship between many African countries. The pivotal question is, how much to use some USA service in Benin or Cameroon? It is available? I originally planned on purchasing Satellite in the USA and paying about 350 US per month, then I just arrange one connection and I am done. Then the USA Satellite company wanted me to buy even before I looked at the unit, then they would bring to Chicago. I have extremely severe size problems and weight, I cannot just order something that cost up to 5000 US per year to use, then say, ooops, too heavy, or too big. I gambled, I think the world is adding on GPRS so fast, that i can fly between African countries, (300 Dollars) and jump from Prepaid GPRS Sim Card with GPRS access to GPRS access. This is my plan, find a country with similar GPRS access as Togo, then go there next, whether by Airplane or by Land. The live for two months then hop to the next, I was on the Cingular site and asked many questions, in the end, I never felt I had clear answers. I paid to sign up for a long distance dial-up to Earthlink.net only to discover it would not work, and had to cancel. I wrote a lady at About.com and she wrote back, on and on and one, annoyingly so. What I have learned, if I go to a country that smell like they may be offering it, one of the companies is up to speed on offering, but there is no way to discover until I enter the country and go to the main office and sit. I am 90 percent sure Ghana is easy here, Nigeria is easy, and about 80 percent sure on Cameroon, the problem is then price, and this Bluetooth versus a PCMIA card thing, some require I buy a card of some type, others want post-paid contracts. I guess what I should do is find two countries close, then if one is a problem, go to the next and try. I do know that Blackberry is making some great deals, and special deal, I have just not found Africa high on the list, I think I could travel about anywhere in Asia easy now. I have decided, I will only go to GPRS internet or Edge, something using cell towers countries. I was reading that Satellites are going to give Unlimited Internet in maybe the Caribbean on BGAN with a monthly fee. I will try to read these links, do they work in Camarron, Gabon, Congo?

Thanks Andy in Togo, Africa May of 2007

YOU WROTE Andy, are you using a fixed price unlimited GPRS data plan or a per-KB plan? Is it multi-country or just in Togo? By the time you get back there may be a solution that helps transcend borders. In July Sprint is coming out with a Blackberry 8830 that uses EVDO in the US and GSM in other countries. It is unlocked so you can purchase local sim cards for it when traveling to make calls far cheaper than using Sprints global rates. However, you will get unlimited data and can plug your computer into it to access the net. Blackberry released the 8800 series in February. The 8830 is the first one that uses Qualcom's EVDO technology, used by Sprint, Verizon and Alltel, which is 3 times faster that EDGE, used by Cingular and T-mobile. It downgrades to GPRS data speeds where EDGE is not available. Sprint data card users regularly get download speeds of 1200-1800 kbps here in the States. The max is 2400 kbps. The EVDO speed advantage only benefits you in the US so you might want to compare the T-mobile and Cingular Blackberry pricing too. Only problem is that you would need a US service plan ($39 for 450 daytime minutes, unlimited nights 7pm-7am & weekends), the $39.99 Blackberry unlimited data option and the $20 unlimited overseas data add-on. That would come to $99/month plus tax, which may be more than you want to pay. While it is well worth it when traveling through several countries, you would still want to use a local sim card for cheaper voice calls when staying in a single country/region for a while. Just wanted to let you know of new possibilities. www.blackberry8830.com
Thank you,
Andy HoboTraveler.com
https://www.hobotraveler.com/blogger.html 2007-05-10

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