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India Corruption - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:48

Hello Craig, Interesting information from Transparency International you sent me, I have read a lot on from there site.

I think this part of the page is the reasons.

— Traffic police pay to be posted at junctions that are fertile ground for kickbacks

April 9, 2007 I believe the India Note is sort of silly, but is agood move in the right direction, it gives publicity and make world knowedge of the problem. The reason why corruption exist is because everything in life is a business in a way. A church is a business, it needs money, an ONG or NGO is a business it needs business to survive. A person works for money, the truth is they really do not care where the money comes from and close to the majority or employees believe they deserve more money. I had many employees, and i would guess less than 3 percent did not steal from me, most stole time. I always laugh, as having internet in my office would give them a huge reason to steal time. I normally send my newsletters so it arrives in the USA about 10 in the morning, after people arrive to work, clean their desk and are starting to find ways of not working. I was a real estate agent, I put many advertisements in the Sunday Newspaper, then on money morning from about 9 till 12 I would receive about 90 percent of the calls on the Sunday Advertisements, then about the other 10 percent through the week, I would say, I got less than one half percent on Sunday when they was not working. I could not stop putting the advertisements in the paper on Sunday, it is when people read the paper. The general population is the rabble, public as Descarte said, or Marx or Freud, they just want to enjoy the day, they to not introspect on where or the why of things. You know now, that everyone that comes to the USA does it for money, and not because they are going to the land of the Free. What stops corruption is the press or public shame. If a reporter, or transparency international, or a camera or a friend, or someone speaks up and say,

I am going to film these men or women taking money at the stop:
— Traffic police pay to be posted at junctions that are fertile ground for kickbacks I am going to SELL these photos to the newspaper, and become famous, and I can make more MONEY, then there is checks and balances. Every government official in the USA is afraid a reporter will film them and they will never work again or their children will know. India is not against corruption, there are a few, and they will become the majority in a long time. People will PAY to get a job to be corrupt, this is the why corruption exist, the people do not hate corruption, instead they love it, they want to be the person taking the money, not giving it. I have thought for years about creating a web page that allows persons post photos and helps them to expose a person. This is a very dangerous thing to tell, this person is taking money. NOTE: I see Transparency International as an ONG- NGO that is a business. Andy in Togo, April 2007

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